Quick and Easy Peanut and Til Ladoo

Peanut Til Ladoo

I can bet this will be the most easiest ladoo recipe you have ever heard of.
This is tasty and healty too.

This is prepared in our family during makar sankranti.


White Til Roasted - 2 cup
Peanut Roasted -1 cup
Jaggery gratted - 2 cup

Method :
Use Food Processor and process jaggery and peanut together till peanut grinds well.
Add TIl and process till everything mixes well and Til and Peanut is powdered.
Take out on a plate and make small balls .
Store in airtight containers .

PS: If your mix is not coming together while making balls add a few tbsp of milk. But then make sure to store the ladoo in fride.

I'm sending this to to JFI AUGUST 09 : PEANUT event
Here is a link to all the event inspirations IndiraJi's site Mahanandi

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