Kerala Olan - Onam Sadhya Recipe

Kerala Olan is a very simple preparation using winter melon and red cow peas cooked in coconut milk. Most important ingredient for this recipe is good coconut milk. Below i have given method to create fresh coconut milk. Use fresh coconut milk if possible but if not available use canned coconut milk. It is wonderful soothing soup  served by itself. Traditionally it is served with boiled rice . It is an important item in Onam sadhya . 

    Vanpayar / Red Cow Peas - 1/2 cup
    Kumbalanga/Winter Melon - 1 cup , 1/2 ' cubes
    Green Chilli - 4
    Curry Leaves - 1 sprig
    Coconut - 1 cup ,  grated
    Coconut oil - 1 tbsp

    Step  1 : How to make Coconut milk

  1.     Break open a coconut and take out the white part using knife
  2.     Use a grater to grate the coconut flesh to get a cup of grated coconut.
  3.     Or use a cup of small pieces of coconut flesh instead.
  4.     In a blender jar add coconut and 1 cup warm water. and grind  for few minutes.
  5.     Squeeze out the juice from the mixture using a fine sieve.
  6.     Keep this  first milk aside.
  7.     Again add a cup water to the left over coconut and grind for few minutes.
  8.     Squeeze the juice and keep this second milk in a separate container.

    Step 2:

  1.     Cook  (or preesure cook ) the vanpayar/ cow peas till just tender. 
  2.     Drain and keep aside.

    Step 3 : Olan preparation

  1.     Cook kumbalang , chili , few curry leaves and salt in second coconut milk.
  2.     When the vegetable is fork tender add the cooked peas .
  3.     Simmer for few minutes and add the  first coconut milk.
  4.     Add coconut oil and a few curry leavesl.
  5.     Remove from heat.
  6.     Serve as soup or with rice

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