Khoa Gulab Jamun

These are my preparations for Diwali. Planning to post the recipes soon.This was our first Diwali outside of India and i didn't want to miss any experience of a traditional Diwali and one of the important part of any Indian festival is food. I made Gulab Jamun, Muruk, Maharastrian Chivda, Coconut Chocolate Burfi, Payasam, Vada for prasad.

Let me start with Gulab Jamun.


Khoa - 4 parts
Maida - 1 part
Sugar - 2 part
Water - 1 Part
Milk as required.
Ghee  for frying

1. Mix water and sugar and boil till a single thread syrup.
2. Grate Khoa and maida and mix the two together , if needed one tsp milk at a time to make a soft dough.
3. Let dough rest for 15 -20 min.
4. Make small one inch balls of dough
5. Heat oil to 300 F on medium heat.
6. Fry few balls till outer coat is chocolate brown and drop in the syrup.
7. Do the same with all the remaining balls .
8. Let the balls rest in syrup for 5-6 hrs.
9. Serve chilled or warm as per your families choice.

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