French Beans Fry with peanut

Any vegetable fry tastes very good with sambar rice or curd rice,but beans specially tastes good.
In this i use some ground nuts too that adds to the taste and then this can be taken like a warm salad too. Fresh beans i feel is must for this recipe ,frozen doesn't taste good. So this is a must try recipe for summer when fresh tender beans are available in US.

Beans - 2 -3 cups cut into 1 '' pieces.
Green Chilli - 3 slit into half
Onion - 1/2 cup chopped fine
Ground nut - 2 table spoon
Mustard - 1/2 tsp
Red Chilli pw - 3/4 tsp or to taste
Salt to taste

1.Cook beans , green chilli,salt and tumeric with very little water till just tender and stop cooking immediately and drain the water and keep aside.
2. Heat a pan ,add mustard when it crakles add ground nut and fry for a min.
3.Add onion and cook till golden brown .
4.Lower the flame to very low and add red chilli pw and add the cooked beans and mix well and cook for 2-3 min .
5.Serve as side dish with rice and sambar or with chappati.

The use of this peanut in the recipe is inspired from my MIL's recipe for long beans in tomoato gravy with peanuts.My MIL being from central India uses lot of peanut in everyday cooking.
I'll soon post her recipe and my friends mom green Green Chilli and Peanut Teccha recipe too.

I'm sending this to to JFI AUGUST 09 : PEANUT event
Here is a link to all the event inspirations IndiraJi's site Mahanandi

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